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Department of Corrective Services Prison Officers' Enterprise Agreement 2013

Department of Corrective Services Prison Officers' Enterprise Agreement 2013

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The election for a CPSU SPSF WAPOU Academy branch has been called. For more infomation, click on the link below.

CPSU SPSF WAPOU Branch scheduled Election 2014

CPSU SPSF WAPOU Branch scheduled Election 2014

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  The scheduled election for the CPSU SPSF WAPOU branch 2014 has now been called. Please  click on this  link go to our news for details of the election and positions being called for nomination.



EBA 2013 Draft is now available for all members to read via the website. Members must log into the website and will find the document under 'Industrial Documents'…

Prison Officers Ask Regional WA to ‘Respect the Risk’

Prison Officers Ask Regional WA to ‘Respect the Risk’

Media Releases The WA Prison Officers’ Union are in Albany today for the regional WA launch of the new Respect the Risk advertising campaign – a…

Prison Officers Union and Government negotiate successful ‘in principle’ wage deal

Prison Officers Union and Government negotiate successful ‘in principle’ wage deal

May 2, 2013 The WA Prison Officers Union (WAPOU) and State Government have reached an ‘in principle’ wage deal following months of negotiation and widespread industrial action. Union Secretary John Welch congratulated…

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Under construction!

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Prison Officers Turn Their Backs on State Parliament After Minister Cowper Refuses to Support Them

Prison Officers Turn Their Backs on State Parliament After Minister Cowper Refuses to Support Them

Oct 24, 2012 Media Releases Dozens of Western Australian prison officers have turned their backs on State Parliament and walked out of the Legislative Assembly’s Question…

WA Prison Officers launch the campaign on the steps of Parliament House

WA Prison Officers launch the campaign on the steps of Parliament House

The campaign calls on Premier Barnett to: Increase funding to the WA prisons system to deal with record levels of prisoners Build new facilities to address the chronic overcrowding at WA Prisons Provide safe…

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CPSU SPSF WAPOU Branch scheduled Election 2014

Please be advised that the CPSU SPSF WAPOU Branch scheduled election 2014 has now been called.

 Below are the links for the nomination form as well as the notice from the Australian Electoral Commission detailing which positions are being called for election.


Prison Officer Strike
    Kim Macdonald,
    The West Australian
    Updated March 1, 2013, 10:20 am


Police tactical response group officers were on standby today near Hakea Prison as part of a contingency plan to deal with the 24-hour strike by the State's prison officers.

The strike will delay court cases today and prevent prisoners from being transferred from court to prison.

Corrective Services director Ian Johnson said the TRG was present this morning in case it was decided that police should escort some high-risk criminals to court.

It was decided not to transport the prisoners, who remained locked in their cells because of the snap 24-hour strike.

Only skeleton staff are working at 13 public prisons across the State, staffing the perimeters of the facilities, but officers are not transporting prisoners to court.

As a result, half the scheduled court appearances are not going ahead, lawyer Jonathan Davies said.

While Mr Davies said cases of people not in custody had gone ahead, cases where the accused is in custody have been rescheduled.

“My cases came on a lot quicker than I thought because half of the business of the courts is not happening,” Mr Davies told ABC radio.

“The system has effectively been thrown into chaos and quite frankly the public of Western Australia needs to be really p****d off with it.

“Not because of what the prison officers are doing but because of the fact the Government is not treating people who work in the criminal justice system with fairness and equity.”

Mr Johnson, who found out about the strike last night, said some lunches had been pre-prepared for prisoners in previous days.

Medical staff would continue to work and public safety was not at risk, he said.

Addressing hundreds of prison officers at a picket line outside Hakea prison this morning, WA Prison Officers' Union secretary John Welch praised members for taking a stand.

He said everyone was reluctant to lose a day's pay but members were angry that nurses had received a three-year pay deal worth 14 per cent during the election period but the State Government had refused to budge on its nine per cent offer for prison officers.

The union is seeking a pay rise to match the 14 per cent increase given to nurses in a three-year deal this week.

Last night, Mr Welch said the strike would not affect public safety.

It would hold up court cases by preventing the transfer of prisoners between jails and courts and would disrupt prison operations such as visits.

“Prison officers have been in negotiations for months but the government has dragged its feet,” Mr Welch said this morning.

“West Australian prisons are overcrowded and dangerous. It’s time for the government to respect the risk prison officers take.”

Premier Colin Barnett refused on Wednesday to budge from the 9 per cent over three years he had offered the officers.

Mr Barnett refused to seal a deal with the union before the election despite having done so to prevent a strike by nurses.
Out-of-hours court sittings: a stretch on prison resources?

Feb 18, 2013

The Liberal Party’s promise to fund out-of-hours court sittings does not explain how it will pay for additional prison officers to deal with any extra burden on the prison system, the WA Prison Officers’ Union said today.

If the purpose of the additional sittings was to deal with offenders more quickly, the Liberals also need a plan to manage the extra prisoners arriving out of hours, said WAPOU Secretary John Welch.

“We don’t take a position on the merit of out-of-hours sittings; but the Liberal Party has not explained the impact of this proposal on numbers of prisoners coming into prison after hours and how they will be handled,” said Mr Welch.


“If we are going to see a spike in prisoner admissions at night and on the weekend – and also potentially a rise in overall prison numbers – we are going to need the prison officers on the ground to deal with that.

“WA prisons currently operate on much-reduced staff numbers after hours. Where is the funding for the additional prison officers to deliver on this promise?”

The Liberal Party can run on a law and order platform but it needs to explain how the state’s already over-stretched prisons will cope with its new proposals, said Mr Welch.

“Today’s announcement follows the promise of mandatory sentencing for home invasions. Between mandatory sentencing and weekend court sittings, we need to know how many more prisoners they believe will be sent to jail and how many more people will be received after hours?

“The Liberal Party needs an answer for this; and then a plan to fund staffing levels to keep prisoners and prison officers safe.”

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